About Pego Golf Society

Formed in 2003 by a group of golfers keen to play regular golf in the Costa Blanca North area, the Society has grown from small beginnings to around 95 members today.  We are indebted to those founders and players from our early days, some of whom are still playing - see the History of PGS for full details.

Initially travelling to a number of courses up and down the Costa Blanca, the Society is now based at Oliva Nova Golf Course, one of the best in the region, and plays every Tuesday through the year.  Occasional away-days are also played during periods of maintenance at Oliva Nova.  We also have teams representing us in the Costa Blanca League, and an Oliva Nova based Inter-Society League.

Membership of the Society is limited to 100 and we generally have 40 to 50 members turning out to play each week.  All prospective members are vetted and must have maximum handicaps of 28 for men and 36 for ladies, confirmed by the production of a current handicap certificate.  The Society operates within the rules set by the Spanish Golf Federation and our handicap system is fully
computerised and updated weekly.​

We pride ourselves on being 'The Friendly Society' and the committee works hard on providing an environment where all members can provide suggestions for improvement and contribute to the enjoyment of all.
If you would like any further information, please contact any of the committee via the Committee page.  Members can contact other members by accessing their details through the 'Members' password-secured page. 




The seeds of what is now Pego Golf Society were sown back in 2003, by a small group of gentlemen who lived in the Pego area, several of whom went on later to become  committee members, or Captains of Pego Golf Society. (See the Honours section of this website).


This group included Terry Leary, Bill Currie, Phil Elliot, Ian Brackett, Norman Cunliffe, Bruce Clench, Doug Brace, Steve Adams, Ken Salmon, Dave Lett, Robert Bledlow, Jim Barnett, Dave Cocker, Dave Collins, Steve Joyce and Dick Whetstone. During  those early weeks, they played golf, usually at Oliva Nova, and met up afterwards for drinks and tapas provided by Ian Brackett, who ran the Boulevard Bar in Pego (now Bar Karina), and called themselves the ‘Boulevard Bandits’.


On 23rdOctober 2003, there was a meeting held in the Hunter’s Bar in Pego, and the Pego Golf Society was formally established, with Jim Barnett being elected President, Renee Oliffe elected as the first Captain of PGS, and John Lamont invited by Renee to be her Vice Captain, which he duly accepted.


Since the embryo group were from the Pego area, it was decided to adopt the name of the town Pego, and Pego Golf Society was formed and in existence. The first name they picked which sounded very grand was - Pego International Golf Society - sounded great until they looked at the initials and it read ...................   PIGS.  Mmmm, so it was quickly changed to Pego Golf Society.  Correct decision and a true story.


From these very humble beginnings and now years later, Pego Golf Society has continued to flourish, has currently almost 100 members and is as strong as any Society in the Costa Blanca.  We are known throughout the Costa Blanca region as the “Friendly Society” and we are very proud of that.


(Thank you for the valuable contribution to these details from Mike Holloway, Lynne Lamont and Norman Cunliffe)


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