1. Name
    The Society shall be known as the Pego Golf Society.

  2. Aims
    The aims of the Society are to promote games of golf, social activities for it’s members or anything that the committee deems to be appropriate for the well-being of the Society.

  3. Governing Body
    The Society shall be governed by a general committee of officers who shall be elected annually by the members of the Society at the Annual General Meeting. (AGM)

  4. AGM
    The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in December each year. The committee shall give notice of the meeting by email to all members, at least 21 days before the meeting date. Members of Pego Golf Society will also be informed at the three previous golf days immediately prior to the meeting.

  5. EGM
    The Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) by giving notice to all members 14 days before the meeting takes place. An EGM may also be called by at least 20 members of the Society giving notice in writing with the details of the reason to the Committee. Such a meeting must be held within 21 days. The Committee shall give notice of the meeting by email to all members, at the first available opportunity following the request for the meeting, and by advising the members of the Society at golf days immediately following the request.

  6. Membership
    The society’s membership shall be limited to a maximum of 100 persons with the actual number from time to time being at the discretion of the Committee. When the Societies books are full, the Secretary will maintain a membership waiting list. If a vacancy occurs, all applicants will be considered by the committee on their merits and not merely the length of time they been on the waiting list. To encourage active participation within the society from new members, preference will be given to applicants expressing a willingness to play representative matches for Pego Society, and those not already members of other local societies. Upon receipt of any new applications for membership, details of the person applying will be put on the website. Any objection to acceptance of the applicant from any current member, with full details of the reason for the objection, must be received within 30 days from this website notification, and will be considered by the committee at the next committee meeting. The criteria for new members joining the Society shall be that they undertake to play at least twelve games in each calendar year and if they do not meet this criteria then their membership will not be renewed although the committee may have the authority to waive this ruling if they consider exception circumstances exist.
    Any existing playing members of the Society must partake in at least four Society games in each calendar year in order to continue their membership although again the committee have the authority to waive this if they consider exceptional circumstances exist.

  7. Proposals and Voting
    Members may propose resolutions for debate at AGM’s and such resolutions must be given in writing to the Secretary at least 14 days before the date of the meeting. All resolutions must be proposed and seconded by existing members. Such resolutions received will be forwarded to all current members by email at least seven days before the meeting. For those unable to attend the meeting, votes may be emailed to the Secretary at least two days before the meeting. Where a resolution is put to a ballot by the members a simple majority shall decide the outcome. In the event of a tie, the Chairperson of the meeting, usually the Society Captain or in their place the Vice-Captain shall have the casting vote. Items not previously notified may be discussed under Any Other Business, but will not be subject to voting at the AGM and all such items will be considered by the committee at their next meeting and recorded in the minutes. If any matter cannot be resolved to the member’s satisfaction, then an EGM would be called.

  8. Committee
    The general committee of officers shall consist of the following:

    1. Society Captain Who shall chair all Society and General Committee Meetings.

    2. Society Vice-Captain Who shall chair all Society and General committee         Meetings in the absence of the Captain.

    3. Treasurer

    4. Secretary

    5. Competitions and Handicap Secretary

    6. Social Secretary

    7. Honorary President – if elected

    8. Up to four General Committee Members

A quorum shall consist of five members of the Committee.

  1. Duties of Officers
    The duties of the officers shall be considered as follows although they may of course assume additional responsibilities, or delegate to others on the committee, as considered necessary.

Will act as Chairperson of the Society and in additional will carry out all those duties that are defined as appropriate for the office of a Captain of a Golf Society. They will also be responsible for the selection of teams to represent the Society in any competitions or other games. They will have the casting vote on all ballots in the event of a tie.


Will act as Vice-Chairperson of the Society and assist the Captain at all times. Will also deputies in the absence of the Captain assuming the Captain’s responsibilities. The Vice-Captain will automatically be elevated Captain of the Society at the end of their tenure as Vice-Captain unless exceptional circumstances exist.


Will maintain a record of the Society’s financial position and present regular reports of this to the committee. The Treasurer will also be responsible for producing a statement of the Society’s financial affairs to the AGM. This statement will on all occasions be audited and signed off by a suitably experienced member of the Society not serving on the Committee.

The Treasurer and Secretary to have joint authority to sign cheques against the Society’s Bank Account/s,
Will maintain copies of all the Society’s affairs including minutes of all meetings, details of membership and applications for membership, check legal requirements for the Society, and advise the Committee of the requirement for changes or updates of which he is aware. 

Competitions and Handicap Secretary

Will be responsible for maintain a record of all member handicaps and recommending any changes to any individual member’s handicap under a system to be agreed by the general committee. Will arrange all golf bookings, organise Society Golf Day groupings and timings, etc.

Social Secretary

Will be responsible for arranging the Social Calendar for the Society, organisation, management and implementation.

Honorary President

The Society can appoint an Honorary President. Any appointee must be proposed by the Committee at the AGM and ratified by the members. Any person nominated for this office must have been a member of the Society for at least 5 years and served the Society in an official capacity. The Honorary President has the right to sit on the General Committee and vote on all matters. The Honorary President has the right to resign from this position.

  1. Capacity of Officers
    The Captain and Vice-Captain shall not serve in office for more than one year and as of the December AGM any person nominated for these offices must have been a member of the Society for at least two years, and spend most of their time in Spain. No previous Captain or Vice-Captain may be re-elected to that office within a three year period. All other officers may serve as many terms as they wish. All officers wishing to continue the following year must offer themselves for re-election at each AGM. Other nominees must be proposed and seconded in writing to the Secretary at least two weeks before the date of the AGM.

  2. Life Members
    The Society may from time to time elect Life Members. Any such nominations must be proposed by the Committee at the AGM and ratified by the members. Any person nominated for life membership must have been a member of the society for at least 5 years and have served the society in an official capacity. Any members so elected will be required to pay either 50% of the agreed annual membership fee where this includes weekly match fees or if the membership fee does not include weekly match fees then membership will be free but weekly match fees must be paid.

  3. Discipline
    The decisions relating to all matters of discipline shall be vested in the elected committee who are authorised to take what action they consider appropriate including the suspension or expulsion of members.

  4. Society Accounts
    If at any time in the future the Society were to be disbanded any monies in the Bank Account would be used to pay debts owed by the Society. If worthwhile current year members would receive an equal amount eg if the amount was equal to the return of the annual member fee or greater, if not, then any remaining monies will be donated to a humanitarian charity for example: cancer, heart or similar preventative research.


Amendments to Constitution

The Constitution should be reviewed by the Committee on a regular basis, and amended if considered necessary. The proposed revised version should be sent by email to all current members. Any comments or proposals from members should be made within 30 days of this email, and will be considered by the committee at the subsequent meeting. The finalised Constitution will then be posted on the website.


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