Pego Golf Society - Privacy Policy

The policy of Pego Golf Society in regards to the privacy of its members is to ensure we meet all current legal requirements relating to the gathering and processing of all personal information. In particular, we will ensure compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in accordance with the following details:

Limitation of information collected:  We will ensure that we collect only sufficient personal data from members to allow the efficient functioning of the Society. 

Purpose:  This information is collected to allow communication between the Society and it’s members, regarding details of playing arrangement on Society days, external match arrangements, details of social functions, notification of Society meetings, and the provision of other day to day information regarding the running of the Society. It also permits members to make contact with each other to arrange matches between themselves, or other social arrangements.

Legality and Accuracy:  This data will always be used fairly, legally and transparently, and kept up to date by regular checks with the members.

Retention:  Data will only be held for as long as is necessary for the running of the Society and destroyed within six months of members leaving the Society.

Data Security:  Uploading and processing of data is restricted to the Society’s Secretary generally, the Webmaster (for website input), and Handicap Secretary (for handicap details).

Lawful Processing and Consent:   To ensure we are acting legally in the management of this data, the Society will ensure that it obtains the consent of all members, freely given, to the gathering and maintenance of all personal data. All members will be requested to confirm their consent either in writing or by email, and records maintained of this consent. Members will have full access to their own  details held, and the contact details only of other members, and may withdraw their consent at any time. Contact details only are made available on the Society’s website, accessed via a password supplied to all members.
No member’s details will be shared with any external organisations, unless expressly required for the efficient running of the society, such as handicap information processed through Handicap Master.

Responsibilities:  Responsibility for processing and management of members' data on the website rests with the Society Webmaster. Handicap information is managed by the Handicap Secretary, and overall responsibility for maintaining the system rests with the Society Secretary, to whom any queries or requests for information should be addressed. Contact details of these Society Officers, and others on the committee are available on the website. 


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